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At N A. Foundation Press, we take pride in our commitment to fostering cutting-edge research and disseminating impactful knowledge in the realms of science, technology, and medicine. As a distinguished publisher under the esteemed N A. Foundation, we uphold high standards to propel academic excellence. This Journal Submission Policy is crafted to ensure that we maintain the quality and integrity of our publications, reflecting our unwavering dedication to advancing global research.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Scope of Manuscripts:

    • Manuscripts should align with the mission of N A. Foundation Press, focusing on breakthroughs and innovations in science, technology, and medicine.
    • Originality is paramount. Submissions must contribute significantly to the existing body of knowledge.
  2. Quality Standards:

    • Rigorous peer review will be conducted to uphold the highest academic and scientific integrity standards.
    • Authors are encouraged to provide clear methodologies, robust data, and thorough analyses in their submissions.
  3. Formatting Requirements:

    • Manuscripts should adhere to the prescribed format guidelines provided by N A. Foundation Press.
    • Clarity, conciseness, and adherence to ethical standards in research and publication are essential.
  4. Authorship and Ethical Considerations:

    • Authors must adhere to ethical guidelines, including proper citation of sources, declaration of conflicts of interest, and obtaining necessary approvals for research involving human subjects or animals.
    • All listed authors should have made substantial contributions to the research.
  5. Open Access Advocacy:

    • N A. Foundation Press is committed to the principle of open access. Authors are encouraged to consider open-access options for wider dissemination of their work.
  6. Timely Review and Publication:

    • Our commitment to efficiency ensures timely peer review and publication. Authors can expect transparent communication throughout the process.

Why Adhere to These Guidelines?

  • Maintaining Excellence: Following these guidelines ensures that our journals uphold the highest standards, maintaining our reputation for excellence.

  • Global Impact: Adhering to ethical considerations and open-access principles contributes to the global impact of the research we publish.

  • Fulfilling the Mission: By submitting to these standards, authors align themselves with N A. Foundation Press's mission is to advance knowledge and empower researchers worldwide.

For further details and the complete submission guideline document, please visit N A. Foundation Press - Submission Guidelines.

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