N A. Foundation Press: About Our Policies

Commitment to Knowledge Advancement

At N A. Foundation Press, our mission is to advance knowledge by publishing high-quality research that contributes to the global academic community. We are dedicated to promoting discovery, supporting the development of new areas of knowledge, and ensuring that ideas and insights are accessible worldwide.

Core Publishing Principles

Our publishing and editorial policies have been crafted in collaboration with the research communities we serve, including authors and librarians. These policies are grounded in the belief that transparency is crucial for scholarly communication. The key principles guiding our approach include:

  1. Widening Accessibility: We are committed to making research widely discoverable, accessible, understandable, usable, reusable, and shareable.

  2. Author Empowerment: We believe in providing authors with a genuine choice in the type and mode of publication for their research.

  3. Timely Publication: Recognizing the importance of timely dissemination, we strive to publish research as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest level of trust.

  4. Academic Independence: We respect academic independence and uphold the integrity of the scholarly communication process.

  5. Scientific Accuracy: We bear the responsibility of safeguarding the scientific accuracy of the published record.

  6. Adaptability: Through our connections with the academic community, we stay attuned to the changing needs of researchers.

Applicability Across Journals

The policies and principles outlined here are applicable to all journals owned by N A. Foundation Press. Journals published on behalf of learned societies adhere to their respective publishing and editorial policies. We encourage our society partners to consider adopting our policies, either in practice or principle.

N A. Foundation Press is committed to upholding these principles and fostering a scholarly publishing environment that prioritizes integrity, openness, and collaboration.